How to rule out an allergy to a food

Working on ruling out food allergies is not easy and is very time consuming.  Besides reading labels, you must find a basic food that you can live on for about a week such as rice or potato and you are going to add one food every three days to it…while logging a journal of what you ate…how you made it and what your reaction was to it… not only bodily…

1. Skin reaction

2. Dreams you had

3. Headaches if any

4. Mood swings

5.Cravings for foods

You have to remember to drink lots of water during this time and take a vitamin prescribed by your physician…this test should be ran only with you physician guiding you…

I have enclosed two important articles which might help you to start on your way to healthier living and eating…

Best of luck on your journey…

It is a daily battle…

I know…

Tammye Honey




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